Tabriz Hotels and Accommodations

Tabriz Hotels and Accommodations

Tabriz Hotels are among the best accommodations in Iran. Here is a list of 40 accommodations from top 5 stars hotels to cheap guest houses and hostels in Tabriz.

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Laleh Park Hotel

Laleh Park Hotel in Tabriz
Tabriz Laleh Park Hotel

This 5 star hotel is one of the newest hotels in Tabriz and since its establishment in 2016, it has been able to gain a good position and reputation among travelers and tourists. The hotel has 220 rooms and suites on 14 floors and the friendly and professional staff of Laleh Park Hotel in Tabriz welcomes guests in the best way. Quality and luxury facilities have made the hotel popular among many. During your stay in the clean and beautiful rooms of the hotel you can use the restaurant and coffee house for food and drink. The hotel also features a traditional bath, spa, gym, and swimming pool.

Gostareah Hotel

Gostaresh Hotel in Tabriz
Gostaresh Hotel Tabriz

Gostaresh Hotel is a 4 stars and international hotel among the hotels in Tabriz. This 50-year-old hotel has 150 rooms and suites on 13 floors, which were renovated in 2016. Depending on the type of trip, your preferences, and the number of your companions, you can book your stay in a variety of hotel rooms and suites. There are several restaurants in Gostaresh Hotel in Tabriz that serve Iranian and non-Iranian food to travelers. Extraordinary view of the city of Tabriz from the windows of the hotel rooms is one of the attractions of this hotel; The whole city is under your feet day and night. The hotel’s sports facilities include a swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, massage, spa, and gym. The clean and cozy rooms of Gostaresh Hotel make your stay in Tabriz comfortable and memorable. The hotel is located in one of the best parts of Tabriz and due to its good location, you have easy access to many commercial centers, hospitals, offices, and attractions of Tabriz. It is a 10-minute drive from Tabriz Gostaresh Hotel to the city center.

Caspian Hotel

Caspian Hotel Tabriz
Caspian Hotel Tabriz

Caspian Hotel is a 3 stars hotel that offers affordable accommodation among hotels in Tabriz. This hotel has established in Tabriz since 2007 with 20 rooms on six floors. Stylish and simple lobby, clean and tidy rooms, coffee house, friendly and hospitable staff, and other facilities and amenities of Caspian Hotel in Tabriz have made this hotel a suitable and economical option for stay in Tabriz.

Tabriz Sahand Hotel

Sahand Hotel in Tabriz
Sahand Hotel Tabriz

Sahand Hotel in Tabriz is a 2 stars hotel located on Imam Khomeini Street and one of the best parts of Tabriz. This hotel with 28 rooms on three floors was built in 2013 and renovated in 2017. During your trip to Tabriz, you can book single to triple rooms in this hotel and have a comfortable and economical stay among the hotels in Tabriz.
From this hotel you are very close to the BRT bus station and you will have no problem accessing other areas of Tabriz. With 15 minutes walk you can reach the historical bazaar of Tabriz. You also need a 5 minute drive to go to Golestan Garden. From Sahand Hotel in Tabriz, you have good access to the sights of Tabriz and shopping centers. The distance from the hotel to Tabriz Airport, Tabriz Railway Station, and the Bus terminal is between 15 to 20 minutes by car.

Shahryar Hotel

Shahryar Hotel
Shahryar Hotel Tabriz

Shahriar Hotel in Tabriz is located in a Eil Goli street, an area with a pleasant climate. The 5-star Shahriar Hotel in Tabriz was built in 2007 with 202 rooms on 9 floors and was renovated in 2015. In this hotel you can book single and quadruple rooms and suites that are large and welcoming, and enjoy the quality facilities and services of the hotel. The hotel staff has done their best to make your stay a pleasant one.
By staying at Shahriar Hotel in Tabriz, you are close to many tourist places in Tabriz. You will need about 10 minutes drive from the hotel to visit Eil Goli. For sightseeing in Tabriz, you can also use the bus, metro, and taxi stations, which are located a few steps from Shahriar Hotel. The distance from this accommodation to Tabriz International Airport, Tabriz Railway Station, and the passenger terminal is between 30 and 45 minutes.

Esteghbal Hotel

Esteghbal Hotel Tabriz
Esteghbal Hotel Tabriz

Esteghbal Apartment Hotel in Tabriz is located near the Tomb of the Poets in the old area of ​​Sheshgalan and Sorkhab. Esteghbal 3 stars apartment hotel with 42 rooms and suites on 11 floors was established in 2015 and is now one of the best quality accommodations when traveling to Tabriz among the hotels of Tabriz. The hospitable and friendly staff of the hotel try to make you have a good experience of staying in Esteghbal Apartment Hotel and your trip to Tabriz.
By booking one of the well-equipped, clean, and generous suites or rooms of Esteghbal Tabriz Apartment Hotel, you will experience a comfortable and relaxing stay. Other hotel facilities include an Iranian restaurant, a 24-hour coffee house. If you wish, you can use the tour services of Esteghbal Tabriz Apartment Hotel.
The convenient location of Esteghbal Apartment Hotel gives travelers easy access to the sights and tourist areas of Tabriz. A 10-minute walk from your hotel can take you to the Qajar Museum, the tomb of Shahriyar (located in the Tomb of the Poets), the Museum of Behtuni, and the historic house of Tiqa al-Islam.

Saeeb Hotel

Saeeb Hotel Tabriz

Saeb Apartment Hotel, which is located on South Shariati Street, is one of the newly built apartment hotels in Tabriz. This 2 stars apartment hotel started operating in 2016 and in a short time was able to become one of the most popular apartment hotels in Tabriz. In addition to the comfort and cleanliness of the rooms and suites, the hospitality and hospitality of the apartment hotel staff adds to the popularity of this place. The capacity of the rooms and suites of the Saeb Apartment Hotel is from one to ten people. One of the important features of Saeb Apartment Hotel is its good location; Being located in the city center has made most of the tourist attractions and historical places of Tabriz close to your residence. For example, you are about 15 minutes away from Tabriz Grand Bazaar, Clock Square, Tomb of the Poets, Blue Mosque, Tarbiat Bazaar, and St. Mary’s Church.

Behboud Hotel

Behbood Hotel Tabriz

Behbood Tabriz Apartment Hotel is located in the center of the city and offers luxury and affordable accommodation among the hotels of Tabriz. This 3 stars apartment hotel started in 2014 with 24 rooms on three floors, and the professional and friendly staff of the hotel will serve you in the best way. The rooms are clean and nicely decorated and you will feel comfortable and at home during your stay. The restaurant and café of Behbood Apartment Hotel are also ideal for eating and drinking.
In addition to the facilities and services of this apartment hotel, good access to the main centers of Tabriz has also added to its advantages. Behbood Apartment Hotel is close to the Clock Square, and travelers staying at the hotel can reach the Clock Square Metro Station on foot in 15 minutes and access other parts of the city. Ali Musa Museum, Master Shahriar House, and Lalehei House are some of the sightseeing and tourist attractions of Tabriz that you can visit with about 10 minutes walk. Do not forget to visit Alishah Citadel of Tabriz, Tabriz Bazaar, and Kaboud Mosque.

Bahar House (Mohajer Hostel)

Bahar House Tabriz

Bahar House is located in East Azarbaijan Province, Tabriz. This house is 70 years old and belongs to the Pahlavi period. After renovation in 2019, it has been turned into a guesthouse. Bahar traditional house with a beautiful yard has 7 rooms. There are 2 double rooms, 2 quadruple rooms, 2 five-bed rooms and one six-bed room with a total capacity of 28 people. All rooms do not have a private toilet, so guests must use the shared toilets and bathrooms on each floor. Bahar House is close to the Tabriz Bazaar.

Ahrab Hotel

Ahrab Hotel Tabriz
Ahrab Hotel Tabriz

Ahrab Hotel was opened in 2016 and is one of the newly built hotels among the 3 stars hotels in Tabriz. The stylish rooms and suites of this hotel are equipped with the most modern facilities. This hotel with 48 rooms and suites provides facilities such as room service, internet, laundry, currency exchange, etc.

Iran Hotel Tabriz

Iran Hotel Tabriz

Iran Hotel Tabriz is located on Railway Street. Since it is very close to Tabriz Railway Station, it is an economical option among hotels in Tabriz. This 2 stars hotel with 38 rooms was built in 1981 and was renovated in 2019. In Iran Hotel Tabriz you can book single, double, triple and quadruple rooms. It takes about 25 minutes by car from Iran Hotel Tabriz to Eil Goli Lake, which is one of the most spectacular and tourist attractions of Tabriz. The distance from Iran Hotel Tabriz to Tabriz Railway Station is 1 km and to Shahid Madani Airport is 10 km. The bus stop is a few steps from the hotel.

Ziba Hotel

Ziba Hotel Tabriz

Ziba Apartment Hotel was opened in 2012 in Tabriz. A 24-hour restaurant, free breakfast, free Internet access in the lobby, and room are all available at this hotel. With 10 minutes walk from Ziba Apartment Hotel, you can reach Arg-e Tabriz. Ziba Apartment Hotel has good access to other important neighborhoods of Tabriz and you can easily reach Tabriz Grand Bazaar and other important shopping centers of the city. Travelers who travel to Tabriz by private car and stay in this hotel can use the hotel’s covered parking. The reasonable price and excellent accessibility of this hotel apartment  made this hotel a popular hotel among travelers.

Tabriz Petrochemical Hotel

Petroshimi Hotel Tabriz

Tabriz Petrochemical Hotel is located in Shahriar Boulevard, one of the best streets in Tabriz. The 4 stars Tabriz Petrochemical Hotel has 42 rooms on 5 floors and offers the best quality accommodation facilities to travelers among the hotels in Tabriz. The friendly hotel staff will try to make your stay a pleasant one.
With any kind of food taste that you travel to Tabriz, in the traditional Iranian restaurant of Tabriz Petrochemical Hotel, which will provide you with the highest quality food, it is impossible to be dissatisfied with the delicious food of the hotel chefs. Other hotel facilities include massages, gym, green area,  sauna, coffee house, and a children’s playground. Access to other parts of Tabriz from Tabriz Petrochemical Hotel and Shahriyar Boulevard is easy and you can easily travel in Tabriz by subway and bus.

Orsi Boutique Hotel

Orsi Hotel Tabriz

The  Orsi Boutique Hotel in Tabriz is located near Eil Goli and offers different accommodation among the hotels in Tabriz. The Orsi Boutique Hotel has 5 rooms that welcome travelers to Tabriz with its friendly staff. The cozy rooms of the hotel are decorated with a combination of tradition and modernity. Safavid, Qajar and Pahlavi architecture has been used in the hotel lobby. In the hotel theater you can also read books, watch movies, and chat with other passengers. The royal bath can also be used for guests. The cafe and boutique restaurant of Orsi Hotel are also a good option for you to eat delicious foods. With a 15-minute walk from Orsi Hotel, you can visit Eil Goli in Tabriz or access other parts of Tabriz with Eil Goli metro station.

Aras Hotel

Aras Hotel Tabriz

Aras Tabriz Two Star Apartment Hotel has 26 suites and rooms. All suites of Aras Hotel are two-bedroom and fully equipped to be a good choice for group travel. By booking Aras Apartment Hotel in Tabriz, you will have facilities such as internet, room service and parking, and since the hotel is located at the intersection of Pastoor and Taleghani streets, you will have good access to tourist attractions. You can reach Master Shahriar Square and the House in a short time. Kaboud Mosque and Alishah Citadel are not far from the hotel. The experienced staff of Aras Hotel try to experience a quality stay and the hospitality of the people of Tabriz.

Paak Hotel

Paak Hotel Tabriz

Pak Apartment Hotel in Tabriz is one of the apartment hotels in Tabriz with 12 suites. In terms of location, it is about a 20-minute drive to tourist attractions such as the Azerbaijan Museum, the Constitutional Museum, the Cartoon Museum and the Museum of Classic Cars. By booking Pak Apartment Hotel, you can have good access to different parts of the city with economical price, and enjoy your trip with facilities such as indoor parking and an Iranian restaurant.

Farid Hotel

Farid Hotel Tabriz

Farid Hotel is a newly built hotel with 30 rooms. The hotel rooms and suites are clean and nicely arranged to experience the comfort and convenience of your stay. The restaurant and cafe are also ideal for eating local and Persian food and drinks. By staying at Farid Hotel, you are close to the historical places of Tabriz. Master Shahriyar’s house, Alishah Citadel, Azerbaijan Armenian Mansion, Holy Mary Church, are less than 15 minutes on foot. This hotel is a few steps away from Shariati Bus and Metro Station for public transport.

Shahgoli Pars Hotel

Shahgoli Hotel Tabriz

Pars Shahgoli Hotel in Tabriz is located in Eilgoli Boulevard and near the famous Shahgoli Park in Tabriz. This 5 stars hotel is one of the Pars hotels group, which has 178 rooms and suites on 17 floors. This hotel was opened in 2002 and offers quality facilities and services among hotels in Tabriz. One of the important features of this hotel is its special and quality restaurants that prepare Iranian and international cuisine for travelers. The relaxing atmosphere of the hotel and the professional and friendly staff of the hotel strive to make your stay a pleasant one. Sports facilities such as a gym and swimming pool, as well as a conference room and amphitheater are also located at the hotel. Pars Shahgoli Hotel in Tabriz is far from the city center and is a great option for a quiet and comfortable stay in Tabriz. Eil Goli Metro Station is 1.5 km from the hotel. It takes about 25 minutes from the hotel to the airport and Tabriz railway station and 15 minutes by car to the passenger terminal. The hotel is 5 minutes away from the restaurant and the shopping center.

Saray Hotel

Saray Hotel Tabriz

Saray Hotel Tabriz is one of the new hotels in Tabriz. The location of Saray Hotel on Shahid Modarres Street has made it easy to access the Blue Mosque, the municipal building and the historic house of Tabriz.

Tabriz International Hotel

International Hotel Tabriz

Tabriz International Hotel is one of the best four stars hotels in Tabriz. This hotel has a good location. It is located in Imam Street in the center of the city and has very easy access to the tourist attractions of Tabriz. For example, with less than 15 minutes drive, you can visit the Blue Mosque, the Tomb of the Poets, the Constitutional House, the Tabriz Museum and the Tabriz Citadel. It also offers easy and low-cost access to other parts of the city due to its proximity to bus and metro stations. The hotel has a total of 132 rooms. The rooms have air conditioning. High speed internet is also available in the room. You can also use the safe box in the rooms to store your valuables. TV, ironing, refrigerator and private bathroom are other amenities of the rooms. If you are traveling alone, the hotel single rooms are for you. Couples and double groups can also use double rooms that include a double bed or two single beds. Triple rooms are also available at the hotel. Another type of hotel accommodation units are connected rooms, which are suitable for family and friendly gatherings with more space and connection between the rooms. The capacity of these rooms is four people and includes a double bed and two single beds. Tabriz International Hotel has gathered a collection of the best restaurants to entertain its guests. These restaurants cook the best food using the professional skills of the best chefs.

Sina Hotel

Sina Hotel Tabriz

Sina Hotel is a two star hotel that has an affordable price. Sina Hotel is located on Imam Khomeini Street. Imam Khomeini Street is the oldest and most important street in Tabriz. By staying in this hotel, you will have easy access to all parts of Tabriz.

Darya Hotel

Darya Hotel Tabriz

Darya Hotel is one of the three stars hotels in Tabriz. The hotel has 104 rooms, single, double and triple rooms with standard amenities. The hotel has a large swimming pool, a futsal hall and a gym.

Kasra Hotel

Kasra Three Stars Hotel is one of the hotels in Tabriz, which is located in Eil Goli area. You can drive to Eil Goli Park in five minutes and enjoy the beautiful park and lake. It also has easy access to the center and other parts of the city due to its proximity to the metro station and the highway. The hotel has large suites with different capacities. The interior layout of the suites is simple. The hotel has air conditioning, comfortable beds, seating area with furniture and TV, kitchen and private bathroom.

Azerbaijan Hotel

Azerbaijan Hotel Tabriz

Azerbaijan Hotel Tabriz is one of the 2 stars hotels in Tabriz, which is located on North Shariati Street. This hotel in Tabriz has a very reasonable price and is suitable for family stays. Azerbaijan Hotel Tabriz has 47 beautiful rooms. All of these rooms have bathroom, toilet, TV, bed, telephone, slippers, breakfast and lunch service in the room, cooling and heating system.

Elay Hotel

Elay Hotel Tabriz

Elay I Apartment Hotel in Tabriz is a 3 stars hotel in the city of Tabriz, which has 14 apartment suites and 70 beds. This apartment hotel has 2, 3 bed and 2 bedroom suites with 4 beds and 5 beds. The decoration of the hotel is warm and pleasant and you will feel comfortable staying in it. All the cooking and catering facilities in the suite are provided for those travelers who prepare their own food.

Roshdie Hotel

Roshdie Hotel in Tabriz

Tavrizh Hotel

Tavrizh Hotel in Tabriz

Amiran Hotel

Amiran Hotel in Tabriz

Nowbar Hotel

Nowbar Hotel in Tabriz

Ata Hotel

Ata Hotel in Tabriz

Elif Hotel

Elif Hotel in Tabriz

Ark Hotel

Ark Hotel in Tabriz

Morvarid Hotel

Morvarid Hotel in Tabriz

Talaieh Hotel

Talaieh Hotel in Tabriz

Darya Hostel

Darya Hostel in Tabriz

Apadana Hotel

Apadana Hotel in Tabriz

Denj Hotel

Denj Hotel in Tabriz

Sadaf Hotel

Sadaf Hotel in Tabriz

Delgoshaye Salmas Guesthouse

Delgoshaye Salmas Guesthouse in Tabriz

Ashhad Guesthouse

Ashhad Guesthouse in Tabriz

Baharestan Guesthouse

Baharestan Guesthouse in Tabriz

Khorshid Guesthouse

Khorshid Guesthouse in Tabriz

Jahannama Guesthouse

Jahannama Guesthouse in Tabriz

Tabriz Palace Hotel

Tabriz Palace Hotel in Tabriz