Top Places to Stay with Nomads in Iran

Stay With Nomads

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#1 Mahoor

One of the top places to stay with nomads in Iran is Mahoor homestay. Mahoor is an Iranian nomadic homestay in Fars Province. Here you will live with a nomad family in black tents (Siah Chador). This nomad family migrate between Shesh Pir village and Safar Beyk village in Fars province.

stay with nomads in Iran
Mahoor family black tent

#2 Boyaq

Boyaq operate traditional Qashqai nomad tours (walking and use animals) in Fars Province and you will experience migration and stay with nomads in Iran. In this tours you can join nomad groups in their ways. This nomads start their migrate from around Firuzabad city to around Sepidan city (Ardekan) from April 10th to May 10th. The price for one day and one night tour is about $25 (2022), meals are included. You will walk with them every day around 10 to 15 km.

#3 Atayourd

Atayourd are Qashqai nomads that migrate between Bidkarz village and Kahkaran village in Fars Province.

#4 Baghe Gilas

Baghe Gilas is Bakhtiari nomads accommodation around Aligudarz in Lorestan Province.

#5 Mirako

Mirako provide tours to stay with Kormanj nomads in North Khorasn Province. You can join them around Ashkhane city.

#6 Mashko Malar

Mashko Malar located in Sangar village and here you can experience nomadic life with Shool nomads peoples.

#7 Dareanaran

Dareanaran is a nomadic accommodation in Lorestan Province.

#8 Shamim-e Dangazlo

#9 Male Kaboud

#10 Zagros Farashband