Qazvin Hotels and Accommodations

Qazvin Hotels and Accommodations

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Marmar Hotel

Marmar Hotel in Qazvin

This 4 stars hotel is located in the center of the historic city of Qazvin. This hotel has a total of 48 rooms.

Sina Hotel Apartment

Sina Hotel Apartment in Qazvin

This 3 stars hotel apartment is located in Qazvin city. Each Suite of this apartment hotel is equipped with a terrace and facilities for cooking. Breakfast at the hotel, high speed internet and parking are among the facilities of Sina Apartment Hotel.

Minoo Hotel Qazvin

Minoo Hotel in Qazvin

This 2 stars hotel is one of the newest hotels in Qazvin. This hotel has 20 rooms. The Cantor Church is a 15-minute walk from the hotel. Alborz Bazaar is located 1 km from Minoo Hotel, which is suitable for shopping in Qazvin. With less than 5 minutes walk, you can go to Kermani restaurant for food and use the bus station, which is located a few steps from Minoo Qazvin Hotel, to travel in the city.

Alborz Hotel

Alborz Hotel Qazvin

Alborz Qazvim Hotel is one of the oldest 2 stars hotels in Qazvin. This hotel has 38 rooms. The rooms are simple and clean and give you a sense of comfort. The hotel’s restaurant and café provide a cozy atmosphere for travelers to eat, drink and relax. Access to sightseeing and tourist attractions from Alborz Hotel in Qazvin is very easy; You need a 5 to 10 minute walk to visit the Chehelston Palace and Museum, the tomb of Hamdollah Mostofi, the Qazvin Museum, the Aali Qapo Mansion and the Saad al-Saltanah Palace. Musa Vazir Caravanserai, Qazvin Bazaar, Qazvin Grand Mosque are 1.5 to 2 km away from the hotel. When traveling to Qazvin, you should not miss the experience of local cuisine; Eghbali Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Qazvin, is located 200 meters from Alborz Hotel.

Razhia Hotel

Razhia Hotel in Qazvin

Razhia Hotel has 25 rooms with one to three beds, all of which are equipped with furniture, LCD and free internet. When you leave the hotel, the famous restaurants of the city, such as the Eghbali and Nemooneh restaurants, are not far from you.

Iranian Hotel

Iranian Hotel in Qazvin

Iranian Hotel is a 4 stars hotel with 36 rooms and suites for 1 to 4 people. While staying at the Iranian Hotel, you will have access to facilities such as a swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath and Jacuzzi.

Mir Emad Hotel

Mir Emad Hotel in Qazvin

Mir Emad Hotel is one of the best one star hotels in Qazvin. It is only a 5-minute drive from Mir Emad Hotel to Qazvin Bazaar. Also, attractions such as Vazir Caravanserai, Qazvin Grand Mosque, Sardar Water Reservoir, which are the most important attractions of Qazvin, are not far from the hotel.

Alamut Castle Village House

Alamut Castle Village House

If you are going to Qazvin to visit Alamut Castle and you want to spend the night near it, the traditional residence of Alamut Castle is one of the best choices. This traditional accommodation is only 20 meters from the entrance of Alamut Castle. This family-run accommodation has a traditional and friendly atmosphere. You can sit in the yard and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This house  has 7 suites and serves a variety of dishes to its guests. This accommodation is located in Gazarkhan village, which is full of cherry orchards, narrow alleys and old houses.

Eagles Castle Village House

This Accommodation is located in Dikin Village, 60 km away from Qazvin city. This house provides a traditional place for travelers in Alamut. Travelers who choose to stay in Eagles Castle House can use the suite kitchen for cooking. Or, if they wish with prior order, they can order a variety of traditional and local foods such as Gheymeh Nesar with Alamut rice, Alamut trout, fresh meat, fesanjun, various stews, etc.

Sport Home Hotel

Sport Home Hotel in Qazvin

This hotel often hosts student groups and is very cheap. Most of the sights and tourist attractions of Qazvin are not far from this hotel and with about 15 minutes drive you can go from this hotel to attractions such as Qajar Bath and Chehelsoton Palace.

Bam San Hotel

Bam San Hotel Resort is located in Barajin Forest Park, two kilometers away from Qazvin, one of the largest forest parks in Iran. This hotel has accommodation suites, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and welfare services. This hotel has 7 traditional suites and 23 modern suites for overnight stays.

Abrisham Hostel

Abrisham Hostel in Qazvin

Abrisham Guesthouse is one of the oldest guest houses in Qazvin. Hosseinieh and the house of the Aminis historical house of Qazvin, located next to the guest house. Also, Nabi Mosque, Jame Mosque, Qazvin Traditional Bazaar, Sardar Bozorg Reservoir, Saad Al-Saltanah Bazaar and Chehelston Palace are about 20 minutes walk from This Hostel.

Iran Hotel

Iran Hotel Qazvin

Iran Hotel is a 2 stars hotel in Qazvin. Chehel Soton Palace, Saad Al-Saltanah Caravanserai, Qazvin Traditional Bazaar, Contour Church, Qazvin Museum, Qajar Bath and Al-Ghadir and Safa Shopping Centers are only 5 minutes drive from the hotel.

Safir Hotel

Safir Hotel Qazvin

Safir 2 stars hotel is located on Saadi Street in Qazvin. This hotrl has 18 rooms. The location of the hotel in the city center has provided easy access to the streets of Qazvin.

Behrouzi Traditional Hotel

Behrouzi Traditional Hotel in Qazvin

Behroozi Hotel is one of the traditional houses from the Qajar era in the western Bouali Street of Qazvin, which has been renovated and is now a traditional hotel hosting travelers and tourists. This old house is built with the special architecture of the region and has a completely traditional atmosphere with beautiful decorations and old objects. Behroozi House Hotel has 14 traditional rooms and 38 beds, all of which are equipped with refrigerator, TV, sofa, telephone and bathroom. In addition, it is possible to request a mattress on the floor service for more people. Free internet service, library, laundry service and private covered parking are other facilities provided at the traditional Behrozi Hotel.

Markazi Guesthouse

Markazi Guesthouse in Qazvin

Markazi Guesthouse is one of the oldest accommodations in Qazvin. This inn is located on the upper floor of several shops and has 12 rooms. The Kolah Farangi Mansion or Chehelston Palace in Qazvin, which belongs to the Safavid period, is located 1.5 km from the guest house.

Atlas Hotel Apartment

Atlas Apartment Hotel started operating in 2020. This apartment hotel is built on 3 floors and has 12 rooms and suites. Atlas Hotel is located on Norouzian Street in Qazvin city.

Golshan Hostel

Golshan Guest House is one of the oldest accommodations in the ancient city of Qazvin, which is located on Khomeini Street, near Azadi Square (Sabzeh Square). The name of this guest house is taken from the name of the caravanserai, which this guesthouse stands on the upper floor. Golshan Guest House with a history of nearly eighty years, has 16 rooms, which is one of the cheapest accommodations in Qazvin. Each room has a toilet, several beds, a small table, TV, heater, clothes hanger and carpet, and a public toilet is located at the end of the hall.

Nasim Shomal Guesthouse

To book a cheap Guesthouse in Qazvin, Nasim Shomal Guesthouse is one of the best options in Qazvin. This guest house is in a good location and has a good price. This guest house is in a good location and has a good price. If you are looking for a cheap hotel in Qazvin, do not miss this Guesthouse. Nasim Shomal is located in a building whose ground floor is a shoping center and only one floor is dedicated to the guest house. This guest house has 16 rooms. 5 rooms of this accommodation do not have a toilet inside rooms and the other 11 rooms have a bathroom and toilet inside rooms. In the hallway, you can use the Iranian toilet and bathroom.

Taleghani Inn

Taleghani Guest House in Qazvin was established 70 years ago and is one of the guest houses with a good location in the heart of Qazvin. Some rooms of this guest house have private bathroom and toilet inside the room and some of them have public bathroom and toilet in the corridor.

Markazi Guesthouse

Markazi Guesthouse is one of the oldest accommodations in Qazvin. This inn is located on the upper floor of several shops and has 12 rooms. The Kolah Farangi Mansion or Chehelston Palace in Qazvin, which belongs to the Safavid period, is located 1.5 km from the guest house.

Aramehr Hotel

Aramhar Apartment Hotel started operating in 2018. This apartment hotel has 8 apartments located on the first to fourth floors. Aramhar Hotel is a maximum of 17 km away from Qazvin historical places such as Qajar Bath, Qazvin Grand Mosque and Chehelston Palace. This one star apartment hotel is located in Alborz Industrial City, which is 12 km away from Qazvin.

Fard Guesthouse

Fard Guesthose

Valiasr Motel

Valiasr Motel

Atiq Inn

Atiq Inn