Top 25 Hostels and Hotels near Yazd Jameh Mosque – 2021

Jameh Mosque of Yazd
Hotels near Jameh Mosque of Yazd

Hostels and hotels near Jameh Mosque of Yazd. Here you will find old houses, homestays, boutique hotels and traditional hostels in middle old town of Yazd, the city of sunshine and desert in Iran.

Delkhash Guesthouse

Delkhash Guesthouse in Yazd

Friendly Hotel

Friendly Hotel in Yazd

Sun House Hostel

Sun House Hostel in Yazd

Termeh Hotel

Termeh Hotel Yazd

Toranj Hotel

Toranj Yazd Hotel

Alibaba Hotel

Alibaba Hotel in Yazd

Kalout Hostel

Kalout Hostel in Yazd

Shahdad Guesthouse

Shahdad Guesthouse in Yazd

Safa hostel

Safa Hostel in Yazd

Saraye Kohan Hotel

Saraye Kohan Hotel in Yazd

Hooman Hotel

Hooman Hotel Yazd

Tarooneh Guesthouse

Tarooneh Guesthouse Yazd

Fazeli Hotel

Fazeli Hotel in Yazd

Oasis Hostel

Oasis Hostel in Yazd

Silk Road

Silk Road  Yazd Hostel Yazd

Yazdan Gard Hotel

Yazdan Gard Hotel Yazd

Shams Tabrizi Hostel

Shams Tabrizi Hostel in Yazd

Padiav Home

Padiav Home in Yazd

Sedari House

Sedari House Yazd

Sharbaf Hotel

Sharbaf Hotel Yazd

Jungle Hotel

Jungle Hotel Yazd

Banoo House

Banoo House in Yazd

Pars Traditional Hotel

Pars Traditional Hotel in Yazd

Payab House

Payab House in Yazd

Yazd Star Hostel

Yazd Star Hostel