Closest hotels & hostels to Siazga desert in Kashan

Siazga desert Kashan
Siazga desert in Kashan

Maranjab desert is a wide area of sand dunes that stretches along the eastern part of Kashan city. The areas south and farther from Maranjab are much more pristine and less touristic. One of these areas is Siazgeh desert near the small town of Abuzidabad, 20 km south of Kashan.
There are several eco-lodges in the area that cater to tourists. The best accommodation in this area is Shah Abbasi Caravanserai, which has been improved and renovated and is a very good environment for accommodation.

Shah Abbasi Abruz Caravanserai Hotel

Shah Abbasi Abruz Caravanserai Hotel is located in the desert city of Abuzidabad. This historical caravanserai belongs to the Safavid period and is about 400 years old and has 20 rooms. Rooms are Iranian style and without bed (mattress and blanket are on the floor). There is no private bathroom in any of the rooms to preserve the old architecture and traditional style. Abruz traditional hotel also organizes desert tours and camel riding, four-wheeled motorcycle, off-road, star observation and safari are the special programs of this hotel.