Closest hostels and hotels to Maranjab desert

Maranjab desert Hotels
Maranjab desert Hotels and Hostels

Hostels and Hotels near Maranjab desert In Kashan, one of the most famous deserts in Iran, give you a chance to have an unique experience in Homestay and Hostels in Kashan close to Maranjab sand dunes and enjoy camel riding, motorcycling and off-roading tours. Here you will find the best hostels and hotels near Maranjab desert.

Maranjab Caravanserai Hotel

Maranjab desert caravansary hotel

Maranjab Caravanserai Hotel is located in the heart of Maranjab desert in the southern part of Namak Lake. This hotel is actually a Caravanserai that used to be a place to stay for travelers. This hotel has 25 rooms with facilities such as electricity, water, bed, restaurant, bathroom and toilet that are shared. The rooms are from 16 meters to 35 meters. It has 2-bed to 4-bed rooms. There are also rooms for 4 to 5 people.

Ahmad eco camp

Ahmad eco camp is one of the first desert resorts in Iran, which is located in Isfahan province, 10 km north of Aran va Bidgol on the Maranjab road. Ahmed Ecocamp bathrooms are shared and only a 12-bed room has a private bathroom.
This desert resort has desert tours, safaris, camel rides, motorcycling and stargazing, campfire. Other facilities of this This accommodation are local tourist guide, fluent English staff, uncovered parking (with a capacity of 50 to 100 cars), barbecue, dining room, tea house, cafe and supermarket. At this ecocamp you can enjoy local food such as camel kebab and bean meat. This accommodation also has a natural pond which is located 200 meters from rooms and is one of the wonders of Maranjab region.

Safa house

Safa house is located in Aran va Bidgol, Kashan, which dates back to 350 years ago and the Safavid period.
This traditional house and hostel is one of the accommodations near Maranjab desert. This house has 7 rooms and has a capacity of 42 guests. Decoration of the rooms is traditional and beds are Iranian style (mattress and blanket on the floor).
All rooms have shared bathroom. Safa house has a traditional coffee house and a restaurant located on the second floor, which serves a variety of local dishes. In case of requesting lunch and dinner meals, guests must coordinate and announce their order with the staff one day in advance. This house also has a one-day tour of the Marnjab Desert and the Salt Lake. Visiting Hilal Imamzadeh, visiting the caravanserai, having breakfast, walking on the salt lake with a safari in the Marnjab desert include this memorable tour.

Shaker house

Shaker House is located near the city of Aran va Bidgol, with a short distance from the Maranjab Desert. This house is one of the most beautiful historical monuments in Maranjab region, which dates back to the Qajar period.
Shaker house has 6 traditional rooms with local decoration. This accommodation has a private bathroom and toilet for all rooms, Internet, local tour guide, private parking, heating and cooling systems, fluent English staff, the possibility of ordering local food and desert tours, camel riding and safari.