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Hanna Hotel in Tehran

Best Luxury Hotels In Tehran 2021

Luxury hotels in Tehran, with their first-class services and facilities, provide a dreamy and enjoyable stay for tourists; But do you know what luxury hotels in Tehran are? Would you like to have an unforgettable stay in one of the luxurious hotel rooms in Tehran? In the following, you will see a list of luxury hotels in Tehran to get more and more comprehensive information about them.

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Nezamiyeh Boutique Hotel

Nezamiyeh Boutique Hotel in Tehran

Nezamiyeh Boutique Hotel in Tehran has provided a different atmosphere in the heart of Tehran for tourists. This hotel has 5 rooms. The rooms of this hotel are 3 double rooms, 1 twin room, 1 connecting room with 4 beds and 1 double suite. This hotel can accommodate up to 10 guests in total. All hotel rooms have a toilet and a private bathroom.

Hanna Boutique Hotel

Hana Boutique Hotel in Tehran

Hanna Boutique Hotel is one of the new hotels in Tehran, which is located in Lolagar Alley, one of the most famous alleys in the center of Tehran. It dates back to 90 years ago and was renovated in 2019. Hana Boutique Hotel is in a great location in Tehran, less than a 30-minute walk from Masoudiyeh Mansion, Golestan Palace, National Museum of Iran, National Jewelry Museum and Abgineh Museum. Hana Boutique Hotel has a restaurant and coffee shop for the convenience of guests, but if you are looking elsewhere, there are various cafés and restaurants nearby. It takes 10 minutes to get to the bus station and 15 minutes to the metro station. You can also use the taxi service of Hana Boutique Hotel to get to different places.

Espinas Palace Hotel

After the opening of the Spinas Palace Hotel in Tehran, which was also named the largest hotel in Tehran, the news indicated that one of the most luxurious hotels in Iran has started operating in the capital. This 5-star hotel has been built on a high hill in Saadatabad, Tehran. The height of the hotel building and its location on this hill has made the guests of this hotel see a unique view of Tehran. This hotel has views from all four sides. The very large and stylish lobby of this hotel attracts the attention of guests upon arrival. The hotel has facilities such as shopping center, restaurant and fast food, tennis hall. By staying in this hotel, quality and comfort in Iran will find a new definition in your mind.

Wisteria Hotel

Wisteria Hotel in tehran

Wisteria Hotel in Tehran

Persian Plaza Hotel

Persian Plaza Hotel in Tehran

Persian Plaza Hotel in Tehran

10 Cheapest Hostels and Hotels in Tehran in 2021

The cheapest hostels and hotels in Tehran are a good option for travelers who want to stay in the heart of the Iranian capital with the lowest prices. The rooms of these hotels and hostels are very simple and have the most basic facilities. Most of the guests of these accommodations are Iranians who have traveled to Tehran to do their business, work or student affairs.

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Mohammadi (Taha) Hostel

Mohammadi Guesthouse in Tehran

Mohammadi Guest House in Tehran, with 10 rooms in a two-story building in the city center, is first place in list of the 10 cheapest hostels and hotels in Tehran. For an economical and affordable stay among the hotels in Tehran, you can book single, double and triple rooms in Mohammadi Guest House in Tehran.
Being in the center of Tehran and reasonable price are the advantages of Mohammadi Guest House in Tehran. Within 5 minutes walk you can reach Mohammadiyeh Square or Qayam Square and you can use the bus and taxi to get around Tehran. Tehran Grand Bazaar is located 1 km from Mohammadi Guest House in Tehran. Golestan Palace is also near the bazaar. In addition, it is a short distance from Mohammadi Guest House to the sights of Tehran such as Bagh Negarestan, Dar al-Fonun School, and Masoudiyeh Mansion. The distance from the guest house to the railway station and bus terminal south of Tehran is 20 minutes, and to Mehrabad Airport in Tehran is 40 minutes.

Iranfard Guesthouse

Iranfard Guesthouse in Tehran

Iranfard Guest House in Tehran is located near South Saadi Street and Imam Khomeini Square and was completely renovated in 1399. This guest house with 27 rooms, with a capacity of one and two people, in a two-story building, is one of the cheapest accommodations in the city center between the 10 cheapest hostels and hotels in Tehran.

Niko Guesthouse

Niko Guesthouse in Tehran

Niko Guest House in Tehran with 23 rooms is located in a 3-storey building at Sirus intersection, one of the old neighborhoods of Tehran. At Niko Guest House in Tehran, you can book rooms for one to five people and have an affordable stay in Tehran.
Good location is one of the strengths of Niko Tehran Guest House; With about 15 minutes walk, you can go shopping and visit the Grand Bazaar of Tehran. In addition, you have access to taxis, subways, and buses to get around Tehran.

Sadriyeh Guesthouse

Sadriyeh Guesthouse in Tehran

Sadriyeh Guest house in Tehran

Khaneh Tehran Guesthouse

Khaneh Tehran Guesthouse in Tehran

Khane Tehran Guest house in Tehran

Samen Hotel

Samen Hotel in Tehran

Samen Hotel in Tehran

Golha Guesthouse

Golha Guest house in Tehran

Golha Guest house in Tehran

Naderi Hotel

Naderi Hotel in Tehran

Araz Hostel

Araz Hostel in Tehran

Araz Hostel in Tehran


Pajuhesh Hotel

Pajuhesh Hotel in Tehran

Pajuhesh Hotel in Tehran

Hotel near Naqsh-e Jahan Square of Isfahan

Top 10 Hotels near Naqsh-e Jahan Square of Isfahan in 2021

Hotel near Naqsh-e Jahan Square of Isfahan

Sheikh Lotfolla Hotel

Staying in Sheikh Lotfolla Hotel a traditional house with architecture related to the first Pahlavi period and waking up in rooms where the tiles of the beautiful dome of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque can be seen from the window, will bring you an unforgettable stay. Also, the traditional layout of the rooms, with its attractive color combination and simplicity, will fascinate you with its beauty.

Jaam Firouzeh Hotel

Jaam Firouzeh Hotel in Isfahan

Isfahan Jaam Firouzeh Hotel is located on the south side of Naghsh Jahan Square. Therefore, you are within 5 minutes walk of Naghsh Jahan Square and many sights from Qeysarie Bazaar to Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and Imam Mosque and Ali Qapu Palace are in front of you.

Partikan Hotel

Partikan Hotel in Isfahan

The special location of Partikan Apartment Hotel in Isfahan has made it popular. Within 3 minutes walk you can reach Naghsh Jahan Square.

Keryas Traditional Hotel

Keryas Traditional Hotel in Isfahan

Joybar Boutique Hotel

Joybar Boutique Hotel in Isfahan

Shervin Hotel

Shervin Hotel in Isfahan

Setareh Hotel

Setareh Hotel in Isfahan

MehrPouya Guesthouse

MehrPouya Guesthouse in Isfahan

Annie Hostel

Annie Hostel in Isfahan
Hotels near Vank Church Isfahan

Top 5 Hotels near Vank Church of Isfahan in 2021

Hotels near Vank Church Isfahan

Armenia Hotel

Armenia Hotel in Isfahan

Armenia Hotel in Isfahan, one of the most beautiful traditional Hotels in Isfahan is located in Jolfa neighborhood. This hotel has more than 100 years old. This house was built in 1890 and was renovated in 2019 and turned into a hotel. Vank Church is located 50 meters from the hotel and the two churches of Saint Mary and Bethlehem are within walking distance. It is also a 5-minute walk to the Isfahan Music Museum. In addition, with a 20-minute walk to Zayandehrood, you can visit the Si-O-Se-Pol Bridge. For a drink you can go to the outdoor coffee shop of the hotel and enjoy it. Open parking is also available for people traveling by car to Isfahan. If you need to use public transport, it is 5 minutes to the nearest bus stop. Depending on your destination, a 20-minute walk will take you to Siosepol or Shariati Metro Station.

Jolfa Hotel (Julfa Hotel)

Julfa hotel Isfahan

Jolfa Hotel in Isfahan is located in Julfa neighborhood, which is one of the old and quiet neighborhoods of this historical city of Isfahan on Hakim Nezami Street. Jolfa Hotel is located right next to the 400-year-old Vanke Church and is one of the oldest hotels in Isfahan.

Minas traditional Hotel

minas hotel in Isfahan
Minas Hotel room in Isfahan

Isfahan Minas Traditional Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in Isfahan. This house dates back to 400 years ago. The small courtyard of this house adds to the beauty of the hotel and you can sit by the pool for a drink and enjoy. The restaurant of the traditional Minas Hotel, with its view of the courtyard and colorful windows, doubles the enjoyment of local cuisine. The combination of traditional layout and modernity of the rooms has provided a relaxing place for a few days of your stay. In addition to the quality facilities of the hotel, its location has also added to its positive points. Due to its proximity to Julfa neighborhood, you need about a 15 minute walk to visit Vank Church. Within 10 to 20 minutes drive from Minas Traditional Residence, you can visit Siosepol Bridge, Khajoo Bridge, Naqsh Jahan Square, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Aliaqapo Mansion, Chehelston, Hasht Behesht Mansion, and Chaharbagh School.

Keshish House

Keshish Hotel Isfahan

Keshish Hotel in Isfahan is located in one of the best neighborhoods in the city; Sangtrashhaha neighborhood on Khaghani Street. Kaghani Street is one of the old and pleasant streets of Isfahan, which is connected to Jolfa neighborhood. Kaghani Street is one of the busiest streets in the city and has many shops. Keshish traditional Hotel is a house from the Qajar period with Safavid architecture. All the rooms of the Keshish Hotel have a traditional design and when you come out of them, you will have a clean and flowered courtyard. You can dine in the hotel’s outdoor restaurant and enjoy a delicious tea or drink in the traditional tea house.

Chehel Panjereh Hotel

Chehel Panjereh Hotel Isfahan
Chehel Panjereh Hotel Room Isfahan

Chehel Panjereh Hotel in Isfahan is located near the Jolfa neighborhood, and sights such as Wank Church, Jolfa Square, Marnon Bridge, Chaharbagh Abbasi, Siosepol and Khajo Bridge are a short distance away and can be visited on foot. By staying at this hotel you will have good access to the Caesarea market and shopping malls.

Hotels near Si O Se Pol Bridge Isfahan

Top 10 Hotels near Si O Se Pol Bridge of Isfahan in 2021

Hotels near Si O Se Pol Bridge Isfahan

Who really does not like to be immersed in the beauties of Isfahan when he goes to his hotel room and see the Zayandeh Rud River and Siosepol Bridge through the window or have breakfast, lunch or dinner in a restaurant overlooking Zayandeh Rud? Hotels near Si O Se Pol Bridge of Isfahan are good option for travelers who want to stay in the center of Isfahan and next to Zayandeh Rud River and the most famous historical bridge of the city. In the following, we have introduced a list of the best 10 hotels near this bridge.

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Top 3 Closest Hotels to Si O Se Pol Bridge of Isfahan

Parsian Suite Hotel

Persian Suite Hotels near  Si O Se Pol bridge Isfahan

Persian Suite Hotel in Isfahan undoubtedly is the closest hotel to the Si O Se Pol Bridge. Hotel rooms and restaurant have amazing view to Siosepol and Zayandeh Rud River. This 3 stars hotel has a short distance from the historical sights of the city such as Khajoo Bridge, Jolfa neighborhood, Chaharbagh Abbasi Street, Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Art Bazaar, Museum of Contemporary Art and Chehel Sotoun.

Parsian Kowsar Hotel

Parsian Kowsar Hotel in Isfahan

Parsian Kowsar Hotel is located in the heart of Isfahan, a few steps away from Si O Se Pol and Zayandehrood. The rooms and suites of the hotel are large and beautiful, and some of them have a view of Zayande-rood. This hotel has a flower garden and you can sit on one of its beds and enjoy the open space of this garden. Due to the location of the hotel, you can reach many historical attractions of Isfahan on foot.

Espadana Hotel

Espadana Hotel in Isfahan

Espadana Hotel in Isfahan is located near the Zayandeh Rud River and Siosepol Bridge and is one of the best and most popular hotels among travelers in Isfahan. The restaurant and the hotel rooms face the Siosepol Bridge and the beautiful Zayandeh Rud River.

Zohreh Hotel

The walls of Zohreh Hotel are covered with patterns, mirrors and artistic elements, and an attractive combination of modern architecture and Islamic-Iranian art has been used in its design. This 6-storey hotel with a traditional restaurant and teahouse above offers a beautiful view of Isfahan near the Zayandeh River.

Melal Hotel

Hotel Melal in Isfahan

Hotel Melal is located near Zayandehrood River between Siosepol Bridge and Ferdowsi Bridge. If you travel to Isfahan in good weather seasons, you can enjoy your food in the rooftop restaurant of Melal Hotel facing the historical city of Isfahan and enjoy the view.

Abbasi Hotel

Abbasi Hotel is the most luxurious hotel in Isfahan and one of the oldest hotels in Iran. The rooms are located around the large courtyard of the hotel and the beautiful turquoise pool, and the windows of the rooms face the courtyard. Each room with a unique architecture has created a traditional and historical atmosphere for travelers.

Parsian Ali-Qapu Hotel

Parsian Ali-Qapu Hotel in Isfahan

Parsian Ali-Qapu Hotel in Isfahan is located on Chaharbagh Abbasi Street, near Zayandehrood and Siosepol. This hotel has a short distance from many of the city’s tourist attractions. By staying in this hotel, you can walk from the beautiful Chaharbagh Abbasi Street to Siosepol and Zayandehrood.

Tourist Hotel

Tourist Hotel Isfahan

Tourist Hotel in Isfahan has just a five-minute walk to the Siosepol.

Khatoon Apartment Hotel

Khatoon Hotel Apartment in Isfahan

Pol & Park Hotel

Hotel Pol & Park Isfahan
Hostels and Hotels near Yazd Jameh Mosque

Top 25 Hostels and Hotels near Yazd Jameh Mosque – 2021

Hostels and hotels near Jameh Mosque of Yazd. Here you will find old houses, homestays, boutique hotels and traditional hostels in middle old town of Yazd, the city of sunshine and desert in Iran.

Delkhash Guesthouse

Delkhash Guesthouse in Yazd

Friendly Hotel

Friendly Hotel in Yazd

Sun House Hostel

Sun House Hostel in Yazd

Termeh Hotel

Termeh Hotel Yazd

Toranj Hotel

Toranj Yazd Hotel

Alibaba Hotel

Alibaba Hotel in Yazd

Kalout Hostel

Kalout Hostel in Yazd

Shahdad Guesthouse

Shahdad Guesthouse in Yazd

Safa hostel

Safa Hostel in Yazd

Saraye Kohan Hotel

Saraye Kohan Hotel in Yazd

Hooman Hotel

Hooman Hotel Yazd

Tarooneh Guesthouse

Tarooneh Guesthouse Yazd

Fazeli Hotel

Fazeli Hotel in Yazd

Oasis Hostel

Oasis Hostel in Yazd

Silk Road

Silk Road  Yazd Hostel Yazd

Yazdan Gard Hotel

Yazdan Gard Hotel Yazd

Shams Tabrizi Hostel

Shams Tabrizi Hostel in Yazd

Padiav Home

Padiav Home in Yazd

Sedari House

Sedari House Yazd

Sharbaf Hotel

Sharbaf Hotel Yazd

Jungle Hotel

Jungle Hotel Yazd

Banoo House

Banoo House in Yazd

Pars Traditional Hotel

Pars Traditional Hotel in Yazd

Payab House

Payab House in Yazd

Yazd Star Hostel

Yazd Star Hostel

Hostels and Hotels in Alamut Qazvin

Hostels and Hotels in Alamut

Hostels and Hotels in Alamut

Hostels and Hotels in Alamut valley between the Alborz Mountains. This Hostels and Hotels in Alamut are mostly in villages. This area includes more than 100 villages and the communication route of these villages is mostly mountainous roads. The most famous tourist spots in Alamut are the beautiful Ovan lake and Alamut Castle (Eagle’s Nest).

Ale Amout

Alamout Hostel

Ale Amout hostel is located in Alamut region, in Shahrak village, 90 km from Qazvin. This hostel in Shahrak village has rooms of this house have shared bathroom and toilet, but only two rooms have private bathroom and toilet. The cooling and heating system of the rooms is fan and oil heater. It is also possible to order local food. Distance of this house to Gazorkhan village and Alamout castle is about 10km.


Anadeh is an old house in Enadeh village in Qazvin Province. Distance of this village from Qazvin is about 80 km and located 20 km from Alamut castle. This house has 4 rooms. Rooms are Iranian style and beds are mattress and blankets on the floor. Rooms dosen’t have private bathrooms. This house has a kitchen that guests can use. It is also possible to order local food.

Ghale Alamout

Ghale Alamut village house is located in Gazorkhan village, Qazvin province, in Alamut valley. This house is one the closest Accommodations to Alamut castle with distance of 1 km.


This house is located in a cherry garden in the village of Gazarkhan near Alamut Castle. Rooms are traditional and beds are mattress and blankets on the floor. Rooms have private bathrooms.


Kadkhoda is a local house in Varbon village in Alamut. This house has rooms with traditional Iranian style beds (mattress and blankets on the floor) and private bathrooms. There is also a room with private kitchen. This house is close to Owan lake and distance to Owan lake is about 1km.

Navizar Hotel

Navizar hotel in Garmaroud village is one star hotel in Alamut region. This hotel has 11 suites and rooms. All rooms have bed, refrigerator, TV and toilet. Navizar hotel has a small restaurant where guests can order local and Persian dishes.

Closest hotels & hostels to Persepolis

Closest hostels and hotels to Persepolis

Hostels and hotels near Persepolis that are the best choice for travelers who want to stay close to this UNESCO world heritage site are listed here and you can find more informations and photos of these accommodations below.

Parseh house

(Takhte Jamshid)

Takht-e Jamshid House Hostel near Persepolis

Parseh house (Takhte Jamshid) is a local guesthouse and located in Valiasr village, Marvdasht, Fars province. This local house is one of the closest accommodations to Persepolis (with distance of 5 km). This house has a beautiful courtyard, a small circular pool (howz) with beautiful geranium flower pots around the courtyard. Parse guesthouse has 8 rooms. 7 rooms have capacity of 3 to 5 guests and a large room has a capacity of max 12 guests. Rooms are traditional and beds are Iranian style (mattress and blanket on the floor). The cooling and heating system is water cooler and gas heater. This local guesthouse has 3 toilets and bathrooms that are shared. Also, this house has an uncovered parking and local tour guide and traditional food of this region are also available to order.

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Naghshe Rostam House

Nahgsh-e Rostam Homestay Hoste; near Persepolis

Naghsh Rostam local house is located in Hossein Abad village, Marvdasht, Fars province (See Homestay & Hostels in Shiraz) with distance of 1 km from the ancient monuments of Naghsh-e Rostam and 9 km from Persepolis. This guesthouse is built on a land with an area of ​​600 meters with traditional architecture and materials such as clay and wood on the ground floor. This house has 4 rooms and capacity of 11 guests. Other attractions close to this accommodation are the old baths of the Zandiyeh, Pasargad and Zoroastrian fire temples.

Mahbanoo House

Mahbanoo Homestay near Persepolis

Mahbanoo house is located in Valiasr village near the ancient city of Persepolis. This local guesthouse has 3 traditional rooms which are decorated with beautiful rustic tools and handicrafts with total capacity of 13 guests. The rooms each have their own unique names which are called Shah Neshin, Bahar Neshin and Pasto. It should be noted that all rooms of this eco-lodge are without beds and are Iranian style (mattresses, pillows and blankets on the floor). The heating systems is gas heaters and their cooling systems are water coolers and fans. This accommodation has a traditional tea house where guests and travelers can order and enjoy a variety of herbal teas and drinks. The bathroom in this house is Iranian and shared. There is also a room in Mahbanoo’s house where tourists can wear local clothes.

Apadana Hotel

Apadana Hotel Close to Persepolis

The three-star Apadana Hotel is one of the closest hotels to Persepolis. This hotel is located in less than 1 km of Persepolis UNESCO world heritage site. You can visit Persepolis and surrounding cities whenever you want and return to the hotel again.This hotel has 17 rooms. Some of the hotel rooms face the garden and some face Persepolis.

Shidgar Hostel

Shidgar Hostel near Persepolis

Shidgar hostel is located in the village of Valiasr town near Persepolis and has a capacity of 30 guests. All rooms of this hostel are equipped with bed, toilet, TV, refrigerator and heating and cooling system. Other facilities and services of this accommodation are internet, uncovered parking, English speaking staff and tour guide. Travelers in this hostel can taste the delicious taste of local Shirazi foods.

Takhte Jamshid Tourism Hotel

Takht-e Jamshid Tourism Hotel

If you want to stay in a quiet environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, daily stress and noise pollution, Takhte Jamshid Tourism Hotel is a good offer for you. This hotel has 22 rooms and villas. Distance of this hotel from Persepolis is less than 1 km.

Siazga desert Maranjab Kashan

Closest hotels & hostels to Siazga desert in Kashan

Siazga desert Maranjab Kashan

Maranjab desert is a wide area of sand dunes that stretches along the eastern part of Kashan city. The areas south and farther from Maranjab are much more pristine and less touristic. One of these areas is Siazgeh desert near the small town of Abuzidabad, 20 km south of Kashan.
There are several eco-lodges in the area that cater to tourists. The best accommodation in this area is Shah Abbasi Caravanserai, which has been improved and renovated and is a very good environment for accommodation.

Shah Abbasi Abruz Caravanserai Hotel

Shah Abbasi Abruz Caravanserai Hotel is located in the desert city of Abuzidabad. This historical caravanserai belongs to the Safavid period and is about 400 years old and has 20 rooms. Rooms are Iranian style and without bed (mattress and blanket are on the floor). There is no private bathroom in any of the rooms to preserve the old architecture and traditional style. Abruz traditional hotel also organizes desert tours and camel riding, four-wheeled motorcycle, off-road, star observation and safari are the special programs of this hotel.

closest hotel hostel to maranjab desert

Closest hostels and hotels to Maranjab desert

closest hotel hostel to maranjab desert

Hostels and Hotels near Maranjab desert In Kashan, one of the most famous deserts in Iran, give you a chance to have an unique experience in Homestay and Hostels in Kashan close to Maranjab sand dunes and enjoy camel riding, motorcycling and off-roading tours. Here you will find the best hostels and hotels near Maranjab desert.

Maranjab Caravanserai Hotel

Maranjab desert caravansary hotel

Maranjab Caravanserai Hotel is located in the heart of Maranjab desert in the southern part of Namak Lake. This hotel is actually a Caravanserai that used to be a place to stay for travelers. This hotel has 25 rooms with facilities such as electricity, water, bed, restaurant, bathroom and toilet that are shared. The rooms are from 16 meters to 35 meters. It has 2-bed to 4-bed rooms. There are also rooms for 4 to 5 people.

Ahmad eco camp

Ahmad eco camp is one of the first desert resorts in Iran, which is located in Isfahan province, 10 km north of Aran va Bidgol on the Maranjab road. Ahmed Ecocamp bathrooms are shared and only a 12-bed room has a private bathroom.
This desert resort has desert tours, safaris, camel rides, motorcycling and stargazing, campfire. Other facilities of this This accommodation are local tourist guide, fluent English staff, uncovered parking (with a capacity of 50 to 100 cars), barbecue, dining room, tea house, cafe and supermarket. At this ecocamp you can enjoy local food such as camel kebab and bean meat. This accommodation also has a natural pond which is located 200 meters from rooms and is one of the wonders of Maranjab region.

Safa house

Safa house is located in Aran va Bidgol, Kashan, which dates back to 350 years ago and the Safavid period.
This traditional house and hostel is one of the accommodations near Maranjab desert. This house has 7 rooms and has a capacity of 42 guests. Decoration of the rooms is traditional and beds are Iranian style (mattress and blanket on the floor).
All rooms have shared bathroom. Safa house has a traditional coffee house and a restaurant located on the second floor, which serves a variety of local dishes. In case of requesting lunch and dinner meals, guests must coordinate and announce their order with the staff one day in advance. This house also has a one-day tour of the Marnjab Desert and the Salt Lake. Visiting Hilal Imamzadeh, visiting the caravanserai, having breakfast, walking on the salt lake with a safari in the Marnjab desert include this memorable tour.

Shaker house

Shaker House is located near the city of Aran va Bidgol, with a short distance from the Maranjab Desert. This house is one of the most beautiful historical monuments in Maranjab region, which dates back to the Qajar period.
Shaker house has 6 traditional rooms with local decoration. This accommodation has a private bathroom and toilet for all rooms, Internet, local tour guide, private parking, heating and cooling systems, fluent English staff, the possibility of ordering local food and desert tours, camel riding and safari.