Birjand Hotels and Accommodations

Birjand Hotels and Accommodations

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Mountain Hotel

Mountain Hotel in Birjand

This 4-star hotel is located in a tourist area, 10 km from the center of Birjand city in South Khorasan province. One of the advantages of staying at this hotel is its unique geographical location in a very beautiful and attractive mountainous area.

Sepehr Hotel

Sepehr Hotel is one of the 3 star hotels in Birjand which has a unique location. You are a 15 minute walk to Birjand Old Bazaar. The hotel is 11 minutes from the airport and 6 minutes by car from the bus terminal. Restaurant, swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi are among the amenities of this three star hotel in Birjand.
Sepehr Hotel is 5 minutes away from Birjand Castle and about 10 minutes away from Kolah Farangi Citadel and Akbariyeh Garden.

Zaghe Boor House

This accommodation is located in Birjand city of South Khorsan province, which provides a suitable place for tourists and travelers who are interested in staying in old and traditional Iranian houses. Zaghe Boor House is one of the historical places in Birjand that shows the culture of the people of this region to travelers and tourists.

Khushineh village house

This house is located in Khushineh-ye Olya Village in 35 km from Birjand city. Rooms in This accommodation are Iranian style and without bed (Mattress and blankets are on the floor) with shared bathrooms. This accommodation, by preserving the native architecture in the heart of the beautiful village, has provided a traditional and cozy environment for tourists and travelers to experience life in rural houses.

Saraye Mehr village house

Saraye Mehr village house

This accommodation is located in Khorashad village, 25 km from Birjand city.  Rooms in this rural house are Iranian style and without bed (beds are mattress and blankets on the floor). Bathrooms also are shared.

Khane Pedari village house

Khane Pedari village house in Birjand

This accommodation also is located in Khorashad village, 25 km from Birjand city. This house with traditional architecture dates back to the Qajar period, This house has four rooms with a capacity of 15 people. This country house with rooms decorated with traditional furniture and a cozy courtyard with a flower garden has provided a pleasant atmosphere. Beds in rooms are Iranian style mattresses and blankets on the floor.

Saraye Niakan village house

Saraye Niakan village house

This accommodation is a village house and is located in Nasrabad village, 25 km from Birjand city. This house dates back to 115 years ago. Rooms are Iranian style and without bed (beds are mattress and blankets on the floor). Some rooms have private bathrooms and some shared bathrooms. This village is a good destination for nature lovers as well as travelers who want to experience life in an Iranian village.

Birjand Tourist Hotel

 Birjand Tourist Hotel

Birjand Tourism Hotel has 44 rooms in two types of double and triple beds and one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites. This hotel is close to Birjand tourist areas such as Kolah Farangi Citadel, Hakim Nazari Tomb, Chahar Darakht Mosque, Akbariyeh Garden and Mansion, and for this reason it is one of the most popular accommodations in Birjand.

Ghaem Hotel Birjand

Ghaem Hotel Birjand

Ghaem Hotel is a one-star hotel in Birjand city with a total of 27 rooms and suites. This hotel is close to tourist places such as Birjand Castle and Akbariyeh Garden, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Moghaddam Hotel

Moghaddam Hotel Birjand

Moghaddam Hotel is one star hotel in Birjand has 24 rooms and suites. By staying at Moghadam Hotel, you can visit Birjand tourist attractions such as Baharestan Citadel, Kolah Farangi Mansion and Birjand Castle with a maximum distance of 3.5 km.

Kolbeh Inn

Kolbeh Inn Birjand

The guest house has 12 rooms and the rooms do not have a private bathroom inside the room.

Movahhedi Guesthouse

Movahhedi Guesthouse in Birjand

This guest house has 15 rooms which are located on the ground and first floors. Some rooms of Movahedi Guest House do not have a private bathroom or toilet inside the room.

Arian Guesthouse

Arian Hospitality is located in Birjand city in South Khorasan province. Rooms at this guest house have air conditioning and TV. The kitchen, bathroom and toilet are shared in this guest house

Zomorrod Guest house

Zomorrod Guest house Birjand

Zomorrod Guest house has 20 rooms that are located in the basement and ground floor and first floor. Some of the rooms of this guest house have no private bathroom inside the room, so there are public Iranian bathrooms in the hallway.

Safa Inn

Safa Guest house has 12 rooms that do not have a private bathroom and toilet inside the room and guests must use the Iranian bathroom and toilet in the hallway. Safa Guest house is a maximum of 1.5 km away from tourist attractions such as Birjand Castle, Kolah Farangi Mansion and the historic citadel of Baharestan.