10 Cheapest Hostels and Hotels in Tehran

Tehran Budget Hotels Hostels
Tehrran Budget Hotels & Hostels

The cheapest hostels and hotels in Tehran are a good option for travelers who want to stay in the heart of the Iranian capital with the lowest prices. The rooms of these hotels and hostels are very simple and have the most basic facilities. Most of the guests of these accommodations are Iranians who have traveled to Tehran to do their business, work or student affairs.

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Mohammadi (Taha) Hostel

Mohammadi Guesthouse in Tehran

Mohammadi Guest House in Tehran, with 10 rooms in a two-story building in the city center, is first place in list of the 10 cheapest hostels and hotels in Tehran. For an economical and affordable stay among the hotels in Tehran, you can book single, double and triple rooms in Mohammadi Guest House in Tehran.
Being in the center of Tehran and reasonable price are the advantages of Mohammadi Guest House in Tehran. Within 5 minutes walk you can reach Mohammadiyeh Square or Qayam Square and you can use the bus and taxi to get around Tehran. Tehran Grand Bazaar is located 1 km from Mohammadi Guest House in Tehran. Golestan Palace is also near the bazaar. In addition, it is a short distance from Mohammadi Guest House to the sights of Tehran such as Bagh Negarestan, Dar al-Fonun School, and Masoudiyeh Mansion. The distance from the guest house to the railway station and bus terminal south of Tehran is 20 minutes, and to Mehrabad Airport in Tehran is 40 minutes.

Iranfard Guesthouse

Iranfard Guesthouse in Tehran

Iranfard Guest House in Tehran is located near South Saadi Street and Imam Khomeini Square and was completely renovated in 1399. This guest house with 27 rooms, with a capacity of one and two people, in a two-story building, is one of the cheapest accommodations in the city center between the 10 cheapest hostels and hotels in Tehran.

Niko Guesthouse

Niko Guesthouse in Tehran

Niko Guest House in Tehran with 23 rooms is located in a 3-storey building at Sirus intersection, one of the old neighborhoods of Tehran. At Niko Guest House in Tehran, you can book rooms for one to five people and have an affordable stay in Tehran.
Good location is one of the strengths of Niko Tehran Guest House; With about 15 minutes walk, you can go shopping and visit the Grand Bazaar of Tehran. In addition, you have access to taxis, subways, and buses to get around Tehran.

Sadriyeh Guesthouse

Sadriyeh Guesthouse in Tehran

Sadriyeh Guest house in Tehran

Khaneh Tehran Guesthouse

Khaneh Tehran Guesthouse in Tehran

Khane Tehran Guest house in Tehran

Samen Hotel

Samen Hotel in Tehran

Samen Hotel in Tehran

Golha Guesthouse

Golha Guest house in Tehran

Golha Guest house in Tehran

Naderi Hotel

Naderi Hotel in Tehran

Araz Hostel

Araz Hostel in Tehran

Araz Hostel in Tehran


Pajuhesh Hotel

Pajuhesh Hotel in Tehran

Pajuhesh Hotel in Tehran