Top 10 Hotels near Si O Se Pol Bridge of Isfahan in 2021

Si O Se Pol Bridge Hotels
Hotels near Si O Se Pol Bridge in Isfahan

Who really does not like to be immersed in the beauties of Isfahan when he goes to his hotel room and see the Zayandeh Rud River and Siosepol Bridge through the window or have breakfast, lunch or dinner in a restaurant overlooking Zayandeh Rud? Hotels near Si O Se Pol Bridge of Isfahan are good option for travelers who want to stay in the center of Isfahan and next to Zayandeh Rud River and the most famous historical bridge of the city. In the following, we have introduced a list of the best 10 hotels near this bridge.

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Top 3 Closest Hotels to Si O Se Pol Bridge of Isfahan

Parsian Suite Hotel

Persian Suite Hotels near  Si O Se Pol bridge Isfahan

Persian Suite Hotel in Isfahan undoubtedly is the closest hotel to the Si O Se Pol Bridge. Hotel rooms and restaurant have amazing view to Siosepol and Zayandeh Rud River. This 3 stars hotel has a short distance from the historical sights of the city such as Khajoo Bridge, Jolfa neighborhood, Chaharbagh Abbasi Street, Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Art Bazaar, Museum of Contemporary Art and Chehel Sotoun.

Parsian Kowsar Hotel

Parsian Kowsar Hotel in Isfahan

Parsian Kowsar Hotel is located in the heart of Isfahan, a few steps away from Si O Se Pol and Zayandehrood. The rooms and suites of the hotel are large and beautiful, and some of them have a view of Zayande-rood. This hotel has a flower garden and you can sit on one of its beds and enjoy the open space of this garden. Due to the location of the hotel, you can reach many historical attractions of Isfahan on foot.

Espadana Hotel

Espadana Hotel in Isfahan

Espadana Hotel in Isfahan is located near the Zayandeh Rud River and Siosepol Bridge and is one of the best and most popular hotels among travelers in Isfahan. The restaurant and the hotel rooms face the Siosepol Bridge and the beautiful Zayandeh Rud River.

Zohreh Hotel

The walls of Zohreh Hotel are covered with patterns, mirrors and artistic elements, and an attractive combination of modern architecture and Islamic-Iranian art has been used in its design. This 6-storey hotel with a traditional restaurant and teahouse above offers a beautiful view of Isfahan near the Zayandeh River.

Melal Hotel

Hotel Melal in Isfahan

Hotel Melal is located near Zayandehrood River between Siosepol Bridge and Ferdowsi Bridge. If you travel to Isfahan in good weather seasons, you can enjoy your food in the rooftop restaurant of Melal Hotel facing the historical city of Isfahan and enjoy the view.

Abbasi Hotel

Abbasi Hotel is the most luxurious hotel in Isfahan and one of the oldest hotels in Iran. The rooms are located around the large courtyard of the hotel and the beautiful turquoise pool, and the windows of the rooms face the courtyard. Each room with a unique architecture has created a traditional and historical atmosphere for travelers.

Parsian Ali-Qapu Hotel

Parsian Ali-Qapu Hotel in Isfahan

Parsian Ali-Qapu Hotel in Isfahan is located on Chaharbagh Abbasi Street, near Zayandehrood and Siosepol. This hotel has a short distance from many of the city’s tourist attractions. By staying in this hotel, you can walk from the beautiful Chaharbagh Abbasi Street to Siosepol and Zayandehrood.

Tourist Hotel

Tourist Hotel Isfahan

Tourist Hotel in Isfahan has just a five-minute walk to the Siosepol.

Khatoon Apartment Hotel

Khatoon Hotel Apartment in Isfahan

Pol & Park Hotel

Hotel Pol & Park Isfahan