Homestay in Korit village in Tabas – Stay in old carvansaray

Homestay in Korit village: In the middle of the Korit abandoned mudbrick village you will see an old caravansary that changed to homestay. Lovely place you will definitely experience pure tranquility there.

Stay in abandoned villages

For those of you that visited Kharanaq village near Yazd and loved it, you should take bus and drive 5 hours from Yazd to the east to Tabas in South Khorasan. In Tabas county There are many mudbrick villages that were inhabited for millennia but were abandoned after the 1978 earthquake. People just started new villages just next to the old villages because the places were just too good to live.

Where in Korit village

One of this villages is Korit. Korit village located in 13 km from Tabas. Visiting Korit village will be a unique experience to wander through the passageways, some still almost undamaged, and go in and out of old homes. It really gives you a feel for life near the desert, and a different architectural style to enjoy.

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