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Homestay in Marakan village

Homestay in Marakan village

Homestay in Marakan village, close to the river in Marakan protected area create the most enjoyable and memorable stay in West Azerbaijan Province. Azim with his family run this homestay with amazing environment. Azim is very hostful. This homestay is a typical traditional house with view and sound of the river. Your host also prepare local foods if you order.

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Homestay Rooms

Homestay in Marakan village

Rooms at this homestay are Traditional and clean and tidy. Beds are mattress and blanket on the floor.

Homestay in Marakan village

Homestay Bathrooms


As you see in picture this house has two different kind of western toiled and squat toilet. Bathrooms at this homestay are shared.

About Marakan village

Marakan river

Marakan village located in an amazing valley with beautiful river. This village located 130 km from Bazargan city and 70 km from Jolfa.

rice fields

Rice farming in this village is a major agricultural activity. You can visit rice field near homestay.

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We will connect you directly with manager of this homestay and if they can’t speak English we will help you to book without advance payment and get to this homestay.

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