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Persepolis Hotels and Hostels

Hostels and hotels near Persepolis that are the best choice for travelers who want to stay close to this UNESCO world heritage site are listed here and you can find more informations and photos of these accommodations below.

Parseh house

(Takhte Jamshid)

Takht-e Jamshid House Hostel near Persepolis

Parseh house (Takhte Jamshid) is a local guesthouse and located in Valiasr village, Marvdasht, Fars province. This local house is one of the closest accommodations to Persepolis (with distance of 5 km). This house has a beautiful courtyard, a small circular pool (howz) with beautiful geranium flower pots around the courtyard. Parse guesthouse has 8 rooms. 7 rooms have capacity of 3 to 5 guests and a large room has a capacity of max 12 guests. Rooms are traditional and beds are Iranian style (mattress and blanket on the floor). The cooling and heating system is water cooler and gas heater. This local guesthouse has 3 toilets and bathrooms that are shared. Also, this house has an uncovered parking and local tour guide and traditional food of this region are also available to order.

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Naghshe Rostam House

Nahgsh-e Rostam Homestay Hoste; near Persepolis

Naghsh Rostam local house is located in Hossein Abad village, Marvdasht, Fars province (See Homestay & Hostels in Shiraz) with distance of 1 km from the ancient monuments of Naghsh-e Rostam and 9 km from Persepolis. This guesthouse is built on a land with an area of ​​600 meters with traditional architecture and materials such as clay and wood on the ground floor. This house has 4 rooms and capacity of 11 guests. Other attractions close to this accommodation are the old baths of the Zandiyeh, Pasargad and Zoroastrian fire temples.

Mahbanoo House

Mahbanoo Homestay near Persepolis

Mahbanoo house is located in Valiasr village near the ancient city of Persepolis. This local guesthouse has 3 traditional rooms which are decorated with beautiful rustic tools and handicrafts with total capacity of 13 guests. The rooms each have their own unique names which are called Shah Neshin, Bahar Neshin and Pasto. It should be noted that all rooms of this eco-lodge are without beds and are Iranian style (mattresses, pillows and blankets on the floor). The heating systems is gas heaters and their cooling systems are water coolers and fans. This accommodation has a traditional tea house where guests and travelers can order and enjoy a variety of herbal teas and drinks. The bathroom in this house is Iranian and shared. There is also a room in Mahbanoo’s house where tourists can wear local clothes.

Apadana Hotel

Apadana Hotel Close to Persepolis

The three-star Apadana Hotel is one of the closest hotels to Persepolis. This hotel is located in less than 1 km of Persepolis UNESCO world heritage site. You can visit Persepolis and surrounding cities whenever you want and return to the hotel again.This hotel has 17 rooms. Some of the hotel rooms face the garden and some face Persepolis.

Shidgar Hostel

Shidgar Hostel near Persepolis

Shidgar hostel is located in the village of Valiasr town near Persepolis and has a capacity of 30 guests. All rooms of this hostel are equipped with bed, toilet, TV, refrigerator and heating and cooling system. Other facilities and services of this accommodation are internet, uncovered parking, English speaking staff and tour guide. Travelers in this hostel can taste the delicious taste of local Shirazi foods.

Takhte Jamshid Tourism Hotel

Takht-e Jamshid Tourism Hotel

If you want to stay in a quiet environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, daily stress and noise pollution, Takhte Jamshid Tourism Hotel is a good offer for you. This hotel has 22 rooms and villas. Distance of this hotel from Persepolis is less than 1 km.