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We (Shima & Kamran) are tourist guide and travel experts that aim to provide the most professional travel services and tips for Stay in Iran.

We also have hostel in Qom city

You can tell us about how many people you are, which places and cities you wish to stay, how long you like to stay and how much your budget is, etc.

We also provide and operate private tours in Iran. Just contact us to arrange your tours.

Shima Mahdavi

Shima Mahdavi

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Kamran Farokhmanesh

Kamran Farokhmanesh

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Old houses in historic cities, Village Houses and Homes in castles, fortress, caves, eco lodges and caravansaries in different regions of Iran have been refurbished by their owners in the last few years and have become homestays and hostels for travelers and tourists. These homes are usually located in historical part of the cities and in beautiful villages. In these houses, tourists and travelers can stay with the local people and experience their local traditions and foods. Here on this website it’s possible to book a bed/room in this homestays and hostels in all provinces of Iran.

About us

We (Shima & Kamran) love helping travelers and those who want to stay in Iran. In “Iranian Stay” you will find information about the unique traditional houses and hostels. We know very well the indigenous residences and the traditional houses, that have been refurbished and turned into homestays & hostels for the travelers who want stay with locals. More, we are trying to introduce these houses to you and help you to reserve them. The number of these homestays & hostels is increasing day to day and we are trying to provide the most up-to-date information. We also offer different packages according to your needs and demands in all indigenous residences, unique traditional houses and hostels throughout Iran.